These timetables apply from 29th January 2018 until the expected re-opening of Greyhound Bridge in Lancaster in Augyst 2018.

The links below lead to bus operators' or council websites and show the timetables that will apply during the bridge closure.  In some cases a link will lead to more than one service and you may need to scroll down the page to find the one you want. 

Please report any  broken links to lancasterbususers@gmail.com


MAP of bus services in Lancaster and Morecambe (Stagecoach only)

MAP of interurban bus services in Lancashire (Stagecoach only)

Map of bus services in Cumbria (Cumbria County Council - all services shown)

With links to timetables.

Lancashire County Council no longer produces maps showing all operators' services.


1  PARK & RIDE  Caton Road - City Centre

2  Heysham - Morecambe - Lancaster
2A Heysham - Morecambe - Lancaster 
U2 Lancaster - Bowerham - University

2X Morecambe, Battery - Heysham - Lancaster via Kingsway and Link Road 

3  Morecambe - Bare - Torrisholme - Lancaster

U3 Lancaster - Greaves - University  
U3R Lancaster - Greaves - University via railway station

3A Heysham - Morecambe - Bare - Lancaster via Torrisholme Road (Evenings and Sundays)

X3 Lancaster Railway Station - Lancaster University via Greaves Road  

4  Heysham - Morecambe - Bare - Lancaster
U4 Lancaster - Hala - University

5 Overton - Heysham - Morecambe - Carnforth  

6  Morecambe - Westgate

6A  Morecambe - Westgate - Salt Ayre - Lancaster

7   Lancaster - Vale   

8  Lancaster - Ryelands - St. Chad's

9  Lancaster - Primrose - Bowerham - Farmdale Road

10  Lancaster - Freehold - Ridge (Circular) 

11  Lancaster - Marsh  

18  Lancaster - Moorlands - Lancaster Farms - Moorlands ( East City Circular) 

33  Morecambe - Bare Circular  via Branksome and Promenade 

40/41 Morecambe - Lancaster - Garstang - Preston  

42 Lancaster - Garstang - Poulton-le-Fylde - Blackpool  

49  Lancaster - Halton - Over Kellet - Carnforth - Warton    see also 490 below
490 Carnforth - Over Kellet - Halton - Lancaster  

51  Carnforth - Yealand Redmayne - Silverdale Station - Silverdale Village  

55 Lancaster - Carnforth - Warton/Over Kellet

80  Lancaster - Hornby - Ingleton  

81  Lancaster - Hornby - Melling - Kirkby Lonsdale 

81/81A  Additional journeys operated by Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire 

89  Lancaster - Infirmary - Knott End-on-Sea via Glasson, Pilling, Preesall

555  Lancaster - Kendal - Keswick via Carnforth, Windermere, Ambleside and Grasmere

556  Kendal - Lancaster via Milnthorpe, Buton-in-Kendal, Carnforth and Hest Bank
(One journey in this direction only)
582 Lancaster - Kirkby Lonsdale (continuing to Settle (581) and Skipton (580)
From 5th March 2018

755  Heysham - Morecambe - Kendal - Windermere - Bowness via Carnforth and Milnthorpe

N2  Lancaster - Lancaster University (Night Service)  

School Buses 

500 Ripley St Thomas School -  Heysham Towers - Overton (Direct)
501 Ripley St Thomas School - Heysham Towers via Westgate and Kingsway

502  Ripley St Thomas School - Morecambe - Heysham via White Lund Corner

504 Ripley St Thomas School - Battery via Torrisholme

935  Ripley St Thomas School - Morecambe

940 / 941 / 942  Preston - Garstang - Lancaster (Grammar Schools)


  1. As a regular user of the 2A (Morecambe bound) I see that the last Sunday bus, that serves residents between Euston Rd and the Battery, is now at 11pm, and not 11.23pm as it was previously. Currently the last bus on Sunday is usually quite busy so this cut will have quite an impact.

    Does anyone know whether there is any way to persuade Stagecoach to run the 'new last bus', a No2, at 23.30pm, as a 2A (and therefore continue to serve these residents) rather than miss out this large area?

    Also, is the plan to revert to the existing/previous timetable, once the Bridge work is complete?

    1. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure of the point you are trying to make. Before the bridge closed there was, on a Sunday night, a 2258 service 2A from Lancaster to Combermere Road and a 2323 service 2 to The Battery. The new timetable is not very different, with a 2300 2A to Combermere Road and a 2330 service 2 to the Battery. It's not clear therefore which area is no longer served, but if you can clarify that we might be able to persue it with Stagecoach.

      As to what happens when the bridge re-opens that is also unclear. Stagecoach say they will revert to running through buses between the University and Heysham but they may well take the opportunity to make some changes in how that is achieved.